10 Different Types of Web Applications

An example is the instant messaging platform WhatsApp or Telegram. Both allow you to read your conversations, send messages, access multimedia files etc. If the web application is an online store or shop, its development is likely to resemble that of m-commerce or an e-commerce site. This kind of app’s development process is more complicated because it must enable electronic payments via credit cards, PayPal or other payment methods.

  • Users get to the whole data and all the features that improve performance and mobile adaptability of the web application utilizing any of the mobile browsers.
  • Think about what your web app will consist of and how to meet those requirements using your resources and budget.
  • Of all the frontend frameworks listed, React is the most popular and powerful.
  • It describes the limit of data kept on a single element, label text for forms, default values, documentation, etc.
  • This change has given rise to web application development and its need to grow a business.

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Python is the only programming language that emphasizes code readability and allows developers to use English keywords rather than punctuation marks. Such features make the python framework the perfect choice for mobile app development. In addition, the right codebase offers python developers to maintain and update their software without any additional effort. In today’s blog post, we will take a closer look at the web application development process – its types, advantages, key tools, and frameworks. It will offer a comprehensive outlook on web apps from the point of view of the company’s decision-makers as well as the software developers themselves.

Most of you know me as Hypertext Markup Language, I am mostly used for developing static web pages. Web designers use me to give structure and layout to their websites. Since a website’s performance is a crucial factor influencing user engagement and retention, web devs should constantly pay attention to what is hurting the web app’s latency times. After all, Java is a flexible, scalable, and powerful technology with a thriving community of experienced developers. All of them let developers create interactive buttons, sliders, and dropdown boxes which are all combined in a beautiful visual side of the web app. Each web application consists of two parts – the one that users see and interact with, and the one that does all the necessary computing in the background.

Google Docs

It involves no dependencies except on Python’s wide-ranging standard library. Its main functions consist of routing, templating, the development of utility documents, and offering support for HTTP development and other servers. Flask does not need tools and libraries like other development frameworks because of integrated support for unit testing, soothing request transmitting, etc. Flask is considered a perfect choice for small projects than Django used in the development of big projects. Python App Development is extremely suitable for integrating third-party code, OSs, and standard libraries.

In the case of our Vehicle type, we used the pipe operator to specify that it can be either a Bicycle or an ElectricScooter. This allows us to create objects like myBicycle and myScooter with different properties and values, but still have them be recognized as instances of the Vehicle type. As you can see in Picture 13, we were able to create these two objects using the Vehicle type without any issues. This is because the type system automatically recognizes that the object is either a Bicycle or an ElectricScooter, depending on the specific properties and values it has.

types of web and app development

With web application development, users can complete tasks immediately rather than waiting for long periods between requests for data on the internet. It also offers a no-code platform upon which developers can build applications without the need for advanced programming knowledge. All of that without the need for installing any software on individual machines whatsoever. Google Docs is one of the most well-known examples of a modern web application. Using it, users can create, edit and easily share documents online.

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Just like builders on a construction site, web app developers also need specialized tools for their work. Before a team of developers begins any real work on the project, it’s worth organizing a project kick-off meeting. The web development process is comparable to building a house. A lot of web applications are using a SSL protocol for increasing security by encrypting communication between the server and the user’s browser. These limitations can be seen in terms of the application’s ability to interact with specific aspects of the device’s OS.

types of web and app development

Native technology will always carry an advantage over non-native technologies. Since web apps aren’t native, they don’t have the same capacity to collaborate effectively with the hardware and operating system of your specific device. Despite all the praise, web apps cannot replace mobile apps and will operate a bit slower than an application that is hosted on a local server.

Why web application development is important?

High flexibility to integrate with JavaScript frameworks and compatibility with most databases makes it a popular choice for app development. Inspired by the Ruby on Rails framework, Sails.js can be used to develop REST APIs, Real-time apps, and single-page apps. There are many technologies for the same and the ecosystem is still expanding. Node.js is one of the leading names in application development technology. Node.js frameworks are known to offer flexibility in development, allowing developers to implement innovative features in the apps.

types of web and app development

In reality, though, they can deliver functionalities very similar to those provided by mobile apps. Progressive web applications are thus a great way of improving UX, especially in the fields like e-commerce. Using well-established technologies, PWAs provide a native-like experience even with a poor Internet connection.

Tying in with this, developing web apps allows you to provide a high level of convenience for your users. When smartphones were still in their infancy, there was a push by most brands to develop their own mobile apps. With these alternatives in mind, let’s check out some of the concrete benefits of custom web application development, especially relative to local software or native apps.

It also utilizes Django, a Python app development framework to manage users. The team of Instagram engineers moved to Python 3 which has enhanced the proficiency of Instagram’ web service. YouTube is one of the well-known applications that is developed using the Python App Development framework.

Ecommerce applications

There isn’t a particular server language, but the technologies that are used for back-end development need to have a good relationship with their servers. Using the connection of a web app, a server will retrieve information based on a client request, then serves the client with a response. “Hypertext” refers to links that connect web pages to one another, either within a single website or between websites. By uploading content to the Internet and linking it to pages created by other people, you become an active participant in the World Wide Web. Server-side web apps tend to be very secure and offer more browser capability than many client-side apps.

It helps you in developing a variety of business management apps. Using this technology sounds like a complex job to do for developers. However, Python has again worked to the benefit of building machine learning applications.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the possible models. If you are making just a quick prototype of a code, there is no need to spend a lot of time optimizing it for the perfect reliability etc. However, if you are creating a code that features and secrets of web app development is meant to last a while, you should optimize for readability and extensibility. There will be somebody working on the code after you and they need to understand it. Don’t overcomplicate things just for the sake of complicating things.

types of web and app development

This process is repeated until your target users are happy with the wireframe. Using native app technology will give you better performance and functionality than non-native tech. Web apps aren’t native, so they have reduced capacity to integrate and work well with your device hardware and operating system.

System Administration Apps

One thing is for sure – web applications offer much more flexibility when it comes to expansion opportunities. As new workflows and frameworks emerge, they offer more possible functionalities for them. As you might suspect, it may negatively impact the overall web app performance. Nevertheless, there are many JavaScript techniques to help developers with latency issues.

Finally, web developers are responsible for maintaining the site’s functionality and overall performance over time. Several primary features of an eCommerce web app include adding new products, removing old products, handling payments, user-friendly interface, etc. To look after all these tasks, admin requires an effective management panel. This type of web application can be considered as an online store, same as eCommerce Apps or eCommerce Sites. The primary purpose of PWAs is not to apply new rules in architecture but enhance the speed and mobile adaptability of web apps. Here, improvements are made in caching, data transfer, and home screen installation.


While Static web pages are often difficult to maintain, they can be a hands-on choice when very concise information is shared and interaction isn’t necessary. Once you are done making drafts for web design and functionality, it is time to give that design a digital structure. Here, you will have to create precise prototypes for the application you want to develop. You can use applications such as In Vision Studio, Adobe XD, or Sketch for this purpose. You should create a few drafts regarding the design of your web application. Spending time and effort here is perhaps one of the best investments in web application development.

Probably the main advantage of web applications is their ease of use on virtually all devices. Let’s cover the main pros and cons of web applications as a whole. Most companies are not looking for a huge web application straight off the bat. Such an approach offers them lower initial development costs as well as incentive upscaling opportunities.

As a parallel version of Spring MVC, WebFlux supports fully non-blocking reactive data streams. One of the biggest advantages of Java is its platform independence. This means that Java code can be run on virtually any device, regardless of the operating system. Java has found its use in many different business scenarios, from desktop applications and games to mobile and web apps. Web applications are as fast to develop as traditional websites and much easier to work with than native apps or desktop programs. Every time there is an update pending, it can be relatively simply applied through the host server without the need for updating each client machine.

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