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Other examples of collections you may like to mention in your .NET interview are hash tables, bags, dictionaries, and lists. For extra marks, you may like to mention that this class can also declare fields, and that developers cannot create an object from this class. In this blog, we have named the best frameworks according to the statistics, but there are many other frameworks that may better suit your company’s needs or project requirements. React is based on the concept of dividing the user interface into separate self-contained parts – components that are fairly simple to maintain and expand. You can even create separate components and use them in different projects, easily transferring them from one to the other. There are many pre-built functions and structures in Laravel that work on the most recent PHP principles to build responsive web applications in a timely manner.

Can You Name Top C# IDEs Provided by Microsoft? I Couldn’t – Visual Studio Magazine

Can You Name Top C# IDEs Provided by Microsoft? I Couldn’t.

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When it comes to .NET interview SQL Server is the official RDBMS. So a separate chapter only dedicated to SQL Server so that you can handle questions around SQL Server. This book has 200 dedicated questions only for these two sections. Of course, other questions may come up too – including some that are specific to the job you’re applying for. If so, preparing for some of the more common questions will leave you in the best position to think on the spot and come up with the answers that’ll really impress. It offers developers a way to manipulate data using a succinct, expressive syntax.

you need 18 correct answer to clear the round. You can just go through these topic and it may help you.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help design a cost-effective, flexible training solution. Google’s Angular JS is an open-source JavaScript framework for developing web applications.The use of MVC is one of the unique features of this framework.

Businesses can build massive applications like CRM or a CMS like WordPress from scratch. In addition, Laravel can handle high volumes of traffic and data processing without making your customers wait. Your app is always responsive and provides a great user experience. This article listed the basic skills that every .NET programmer need. mvc programmer Since web development is very popular and in-demand today, we have also added to the list the .NET tools that are used during the creation of corresponding web server solutions. However, among all the items the most important is the knowledge of the C# language – every .NET programmer is required to master it at a high level.

Get the birds eye view of what is needed in .NET interview

It can take considerable time unless you have a way to prescreen your candidates. Businesses can start developing in 30 – 60 days with Reintech. We have a huge pool of talented developers who are ready to serve clients worldwide. You can quickly connect to the best talents and choose from top pre-screened developers for your interview. We help tech companies hire dedicated Laravel developers in Eastern Europe on a full time, contract basis. We offer assistance helping you find the best Umbraco developers at no extra cost.

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